Avis Car Rental in UK

Avis car rental in United Kingdom

Why should you choose Avis car hire in the UK?

  • AvisAvis is recognized as the Best Car Rental Company Worldwide and the Best Car Rental Company in Europe in 2014 by popular magazine Business Traveller.
  • Avis provides mobile Wi-Fi in rental vehicles for 8.5 GBP/day without any roaming charges!
  • You can rent eco-friendly cars from Avis in the UK since 2014.                                                          For example, Peugeot 508 Hybrid4 or 3008 Hybrid4.
  • Rent only guaranteed car models with Avis Select Series in UK!

Avis rental cars

Get acquainted with Avis average prices for various groups of cars:

Mini cars
Fiat 500
Economy cars
Ford Fiesta
Compact cars
Opel Astra
Standard / Intermediate cars
Opel Insignia
Estate cars
Ford Focus Estate
Luxury / Premium cars
Mercedes C and E Classes

What’s the most important when renting with Avis

  • Are you younger than 25 years?

Under 25 car hire in the UK by Avis has the following restrictions:

Minimum required age

Additional fee for under drivers of 23- 25 years

List of the available vehicles

23 years*

32.5 GBP/day (only applies to the first ten days of rental)

Under 25 drivers are allowed to rent:

  • Mini (Fiat 500, Peugeot 107)
  • Economy (Renault Clio, Vauxhall Corsa)
  • Compact /hatchback (Hyundai i30, Ford Focus, Peugeot 308) 



* Avis car rental UK age limits aren’t very advantageous, and if you’re under 25 then it's better for you to think about booking a car from Europcar or Sixt offering even under 23 car rental for lower additional fees.

  • Check what fees are included in Avis car hire UK prices

Avis car hire in UK has slightly different rental conditions for residents of different countries. Thus, fees included in the price might vary:

Canada and US residents*

Residents of other countries

Unlimited mileage

Third party liability protection (TP)


Theft waiver (TW)


Collision damage waiver (CDW)



Airport fee (when picking up at the airport)

Breakdown assistance


*Although insurance isn't included in the price, you aren't allowed to pick up the car without any coverage.  First, check if your credit card company provides necessary coverage. Otherwise, you'll have to purchase it from Avis or some insurance agency.

  • Don't forget to refill the car before returning

Although all cars are supplied with the full tank, the fuel isn't included in the price of rental. It's necessary to return the car full and provide the receipt from the nearest gas station, otherwise refueling charge will apply. In case you have driven less than 75 miles and haven't refueled the tank, you'll need to pay a fuel fee of 12 GBP.

Where to find Avis car hire UK contact number?

You’ll get Avis car hire UK phone number in a confirmation voucher you’ll receive via email after your booking is finished.

If you would like to learn more about Avis car rental conditions or booking process in general, then feel free to contact us at any time of the day via email, online chat or phone numbers.

Let’s compare additional equipment rental prices!

Price per day/maximum cost per rental





Additional driver

10 GBP/70 GBP

10 GBP/100 GBP

8.99 GBP/79.9 GBP

8.33 GBP/83.33 GBP

Child toddler seat

10 GBP/70 GBP

12 GBP/84 GBP

13 GBP/70 GBP

9.16 GBP/91.66 GBP

Infant child seat

10 GBP/70 GBP

12 GBP/84 GBP

13 GBP/70 GBP


Booster seat


5 GBP/70 GBP

13 GBP/70 GBP

3.33 GBP/33.33 GBP


11.99 GBP/119.9 GBP

20 GBP/ 200 GBP

13.99 GBP/89 GBP

11.66 GBP/116.6 GBP


Let’s compare age policies!






Age limits (years)

23 to 99

23 to 99

21 to 75

22 to 99

Underage fee applies to drivers of:

23-25 years old

23-24 years

21-24 years old

22 -24 years old

Amount of underage fee

32.5 GBP/day

Maximum 325 GBP/rental

30 GBP/day

Maximum 300 GBP

36 GBP/day

27.08 GBP/day

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