Budget Car Rental in UK

What benefits you get from car rental in the UK from Budget

  • BudgetBudget provides competitive rates for the vehicles – from £14 in case of advance booking.
  • You can enjoy special discounts and other benefits if you rent a group of vehicles (5 or more cars) for such event like a business meeting or a wedding.
  • Highly professional Budget personnel provide the customers with fast and caring service.
  • Some Budget vehicles are supplied with iPod compatible docks for free, and you may be lucky to get one if you request such a car upon the pick-up time.

Budget Car Rental

Check out Budget average car rental rates for various car groups:

Mini cars
Hyundai i10
Economy cars
Opel Corsa
Compact cars
Ford Focus
Standard / Intermediate cars
Skoda Rapid
7 Seater
Citroen C4 Grand Picasso
Luxury / Premium cars
Mercedes E Class

What you need to know about Budget car hire conditions

  1. Budget applies no restrictions and additional charges to the drivers of 26 to 70 years of age.
  2. Under 25 years old and over 71 years old drivers can get a Budget vehicle on the basis of the following conditions:

Minimal age allowed

Maximal age allowed



Additional age fee


23 to 25 years old drivers: 32,5 GBP/day

71 to 75 years old drivers: 12.93 GBP/day

Cars for under 25 y.o., over 71 y.o. drivers

Mini: Hyundai i10, Fiat 500

Compact: Ford Focus, Fiat Bravo

Economy: Opel Corsa, Ford Fiesta

Standard: Skoda Octavia, Ford Focus Estate



  1. Options included to Budget car rental prices:

Depending on the country of your residence you will get the following options included to your reservation:


Canada and US residents*

Residents of the other countries

Unlimited mileage

Total fees and charges


Premium location fee

Third party liability protection (TP)


Theft waiver (TW)


Collision damage waiver (CDW)



Breakdown assistance

 + +


* If no basic insurance coverage is included to the vehicle you want to rent, you will need to purchase it. Otherwise, Budget rental agent cannot release the vehicle.

  1. Fuel policy offered for Budget rental cars in the UK

Your Budget vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel at the time when you pick it up. At the end of the rental time make sure you refuel the car, otherwise extra fuel charges for the lacking fuel will be applied at the rental desk on your return, which is usually quite expensive.

How can you contact Budget car hire agent in the UK?

After you complete the procedure of the vehicle reservation you’ll receive a confirmation voucher with Budget car hire UK phone number indicated on it.

In addition, you can always get any information concerning Budget car hire in the UK through RentalCars24H contact numbers or online chat.

Compare Budget with other companies

To make sure that Budget rental vehicle will be the most opportune choice for your trip, let’s check out the rates for additional equipment from Budget in comparison with the other companies:






Additional driver

11 GBP/day

8.33 GBP/day

10 GBP/day

5.5 GBP/day

Child toddler seat

10 GBP/day

9.16 GBP/day

10 GBP/day

5 GBP/day

Infant child seat

10 GBP/day


10 GBP/day

5 GBP/day

Booster seat

10 GBP/day

3.33 GBP/day




9.99 GBP/day

11.66 GBP/day

11.99 GBP/day

10 GBP/day


Now compare age policies offered by Budget and the other companies:






Allowed rental age





Young driver’s age





Senior driver’s age





Age surcharges

32.5 GBP/day

for young drivers

12.93 GBP/day for senior drivers

27.08 GBP/day

32.5 GBP/day

25 GBP/day

for young drivers

12 GBP/day

 for senior drivers

Take advantage of using RentalCars24H search engine and various filters to compare the available deals and choose the cheapest offer within the shortest time!

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