Sixt Car Hire in UK

Why should you choose renting from Sixt car hire in the UK?

  • SixtSixt is recognized as the third best car rental company in Europe according to Business Traveller magazine.
  • Sixt offers delivery service for 10 GBP. At the moment, this service is available only within 5 miles of Sixt London locations.
  • Even 21 years old drivers are allowed to rent certain vehicle types from Sixt in the UK.

SIxt Car Rental in UK

Sixt UK car fleet is represented by the following vehicle groups:

Mini cars
Chevrolet Spark
Economy cars
Opel Corsa
Compact cars
Volkswagen Golf
Standard / Intermediate cars
Skoda Rapid
Estate cars
Volkswagen Golf Estate
Minivan cars
Citroen C4 Picasso

Important conditions of rent you must pay attention to:

  • Sixt car rental UK age limits depend on the vehicle type

Minimum required age

Additional fee for under drivers of 21- 24 years

List of the available vehicles

21 years

36 GBP/day

Minimum age is 21:

  • Mini (Fiat 500, Chevrolet Spark)
  • Economy (Vauxhall Corsa)
  • Compact(Volkswagen Golf)
  • Estate (Volkswagen Golf Estate, Vauxhall Astra Estate)

Minimum age is 23:

  • cars with automatic transmission
  • standard (Skoda Rapid, Ford Mondeo)

Minimum age is 25:

  • luxury cars (Audi A1, Audi A4, BMW 3, Mercedes C Class)
  • Estate( Skoda Octavia Estate, Vauxhall Insignia Estate)
  • minibus and vans

Minimum age is 30:

  • sports cars ( BMW M3, BMW 4 Seris Coupe, Jaguar F-Type Coupe)
  • premium cars (Mercedes-Benz SLK)
  • off-road cars (Volvo XC 60)



Remember that Sixt car hire UK prices don't include young driver's surcharge. It must be paid separately when collecting the vehicle.

  • You aren't allowed to cross UK borders without Sixt written permission.

Sixt car hire in UKhas the following cross-border policy:

Check the amount of cross-border fee:


Countries you're allowed to travel to

Additional charge

Zone 1

Chanel Islands, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, France and Belgium

69.60 GBP + 3 GBP/day

Zone 2

Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

93 GBP + 1.80 GBP(up to 5 days) or + 3 GBP/day (after 5 days)


Notice that not all Sixt vehicles are allowed to be taken abroad.

For instance, you can cross UK border with vans and minibuses, special cars and in some cases Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Mitsubishi cars.

We strongly recommend you to contact your Sixt agent after making reservation, in case you're going to leave UK limits. You'll find Sixt car hire UK phone number in the voucher we'll send after you finish reservation.

  • You must return rental vehicle with the full fuel tank

When arranging car hire in the UK by Sixt, you will collect rental vehicles with the full tank. Don't forget to refuel it prior to returning the vehicle, otherwise you'll be asked to pay refueling charge plus to the cost of missing fuel.

How to contact Sixt car rental desk

Search for Sixt car hire UK contact number in your confirmation voucher. The voucher has also full rental conditions, addresses of pick up and drop off points, description of fees included in the price and surcharges you should pay separately. 

Sixt in comparison to other popular car hire companies

Special equipment (price per day/maximum per rental)






Additional driver

8.99 GBP/79.9 GBP

10 GBP/100 GBP

10 GBP/70 GBP

8.33 GBP/83.33 GBP

Child toddler seat

13 GBP/70 GBP

12 GBP/84 GBP

10 GBP/70 GBP

9.16 GBP/91.66 GBP

Infant child seat

13 GBP/70 GBP

12 GBP/84 GBP

10 GBP/70 GBP


Booster seat

13 GBP/70 GBP

5 GBP/70 GBP


3.33 GBP/33.33 GBP


13.99 GBP/89 GBP

20 GBP/ 200 GBP

11.99 GBP/119.9 GBP

11.66 GBP/116.6 GBP


Age policies






Age limits (years)

21 to 75

23 to 99

23 to 99

22 to 99

Underage fee applies to drivers of:

21-24 years old

23-25 years old

23-24 years

22 -24 years old

Amount of underage fee

36 GBP/day

32.5 GBP/day

Maximum 325 GBP/rental

25.7 GBP/day


27.08 GBP/day

On you can also book a car from Avis, Europcar, Budget, Hertz and other world-known companies. Compare deals by prices, age polices and amount of additional fees to get the most suitable deal!

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